Hi, my name is Joe and I am a sales and marketing professional with over a decade in direct sales, sales management, budget management, and small business development experience.

Business, and sales especially, is a tumultuous landscape. Over the years there have been many situations in which a hand to help steer through the complexities would have been as welcome as it would’ve been beneficial; situations like driving revenue, helping to meet a quota, sales team development, or just finding creative ways to increase market awareness and profit.

As a result of these trials and tribulations Evergreen Consulting was founded: A sales and business development firm that specializes in small to medium size companies in need of the following:
1-Building a sales force from the ground up.
2-Growing and strengthening an existing sales force.
3-Guiding a current sales force in landscape navigation through process reform and skill development.

Additionally we have experience in managing multi-million dollar budgets and can help streamline expenses to return more money to your bottom line.

In the dynamic world of sales and sales management, struggling to find the proper path can happen to anyone. Contact Evergreen Consulting today and let us help take your business to the next level.